Saturday, January 9, 2010

happy hour

I dont have any idea what to blog these few days. The mind is focusing more on the school things.. maklumlah awal² tahun. This year I get skipped from being a class teacher. Thus, I am less busy compared last year. Kalau jadi guru kelas ni kenalah rajin nak decorate classroom. A class teacher has to prepare a good class ambiance so that students rasa best jek nak belajar. Tak boleh lokek untuk keluar duit juga. Has to invest a little for your students. Besides, classroom ni macam second house so of course kita nak our house to be as tip top as it can be. Basically, kena lah rajin dan murah hati ye!!

Life is.. good albeit nothing much happened. Lets see.. well my washing machine has broke down for the first time after 5 years. Frankly.. I felt like its the end of the world! Sangat susah hati.. Until the machine is fixed, it means laundry service.. luckily there is only us. If anak ramai ke.. Haruslah everyday menempek muka kat dobi.. dah lah jauh nak pergi.. handwash? Kalau yang kecik² and baju kurung boleh la. Ni jeans, pants, towels.. oh tidaaakkkk... domestic diva wannabe konon kan? I wonder how mak can cope with this.. My mom still handwash though ada washing machine sampai hari ni.. All jeans, bedsheet, curtains and even towels pun dia handwash.. Entah bila I can be tabah like my mom.. the true super woman.. domestic goddess.. sigh..

Enough with the laundry blues.. Yesterday.. MM & I went berjimba² at Mesra Mall. Ooooh weeelll.. I know its so overated dah Mesra Mall ni but where else to go. Kuantan every weekend haruslah kopak jadinya and I dont prefer KT because too hectic with mat rempit. So Mesra Mall lah jugak. Tup tup.. ada pulak a karaoke lounge baru dibuka.. MM is the most excited. We sang merely for 2 hours. Tak puas ok.. next week kena pergi lagi. I once proposed to MM to install a karaoke set at home but MM disagree. He said the neighbours wont be happy lagipun suara bukan sedap sangat nak melalak anytime we like. Better syok sendiri somewhere else and jauh dari rumah.

MM is quite tall and Im only a 5 footer..
thus most of MM's piccas adalah sekerat saja...


Abg Din said...

gi tonton adnan sempit... pasti gelak nya....

cik jijah said...

tgk preview pun mcm kelaka gilerrr... hehehhe