Sunday, November 23, 2008

remember me? madagascar? packing?

REMEMBER ME?... and that my friend, is the latest book that im reading now.. ohhhhhh.. after ages of not doing so...kenyit yup.. by sophie kinsella.. trust me.. i tried to look for other books.. the motivational and inspirational one.. tak bleh blah la... so i get back to fictions.. chick lit of course.. nih pon sbb tgh tggu entry ke movie.. MADAGASCAR 2... talking bout the movie... ill get back to the book ok.. nak citer pasal katun nih dulu... it was hilllarious!!!!... i already booked the ticket a day before.. for the hubby, ijun(my brother) and me.. so when we collected it, the counter gal showed our sit position.. ok la.. since it was right at the back.. the last row.. waahhhh best nih... belakang sekali boleh buat suka2 ati setan... it turned out the sits that we got was broken.. garupale.. the hubby said.., "takpe sat gi kita tukar sit.. mesti tak ramai ni" .. ok then.. tup tup.. tu dia ehhhh.. penuh panggung wa cakap lu... apa nak buat.. we remain sitting there.. bukan patah ape pon.. xde tempat letak air je.. so.. here we go.. layan...

intro aje pon dah kelaka.. banyak sgt lah yang kelaka.. i cant describe it all here.. experience it urself.. for those yg tak minat katun tuh.. lynda.. i strongly suggest.. u should try cartoons!!! nih bukan sebarang katun tau... its not juz about the comedy.. its about the message behind it all.. comedy is juz the way how the message is being presented.. rindu i really miss marty.. alex (alakay).. gloria.. melmon.. and all the side characters..

it was all about family.. how alex reunited with his father, zuba and mother, florrie... the fact that melman was actually in love with gloria.. and would do anything for her including volunteering himself as a sacrifice to a volcano to bring back the water for gloria and others when the waterhole has dried up.. how alex and marty survived their friendship... and how those penguins never stop on fixing things... and of course there is 'king' Julian and Maurice and... mort.. garupale.. the movie aint the best.. but it worth to watch again and again.. with family of course...

ok then.. back to my reading hobby.. so while waiting for the movie.. me and ijun dropped by POPULAR bookstore.. it had been sooooooooooo long ok.. since i bought the last story book.. what was it? oohh yeaaa... math's riddle and jokes.. duhhhh... so i was attracted to sophie kinsella.. i have read the confession of a shopaholic.. i told myself that i should bought at least 2 books tonite.. tak plan pon.. ntah mcm mana those feelings and decision came thru.. so i did!!! there are REMEMBER ME? and CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET?.. and i also have no clue why didnt i continue the shopaholic series then?.. hmmm.. tak kisah la.. janji i manage to buy it!!!.. kalau pegi central market.. mesti ada jual yang second hand punyer... stop!!!.. ok.. i sounded like those character in one of sophie's books.. so... for the time being.. im reading the REMEMBER ME.. its about a 28 years old gal who had lost her 3 years memories.. the last thing she remember was the accident that she had 3 years ago which is a totally different accident with she had juz had 5 days ago.. and in the present days she is married with a millionnaire and also with a career that she never thought she could achieve.. all she can remember was how imperfect her life used to be.. and now everything seems so perfect?.... quite interesting huh?.. this is ssooooooooo a dream come true if its happen to me.. but of course with the same husband of mine... cant imagine if it were someone else.. can u? eeeuuuuwwwww... i know most of you have read it.. nope.. dont tell me how its end... dont u ever dare..

i think with all this reading.. and blogging of course.. i will never start packing.. plus.. the hubby is still sleeping.. he came home to teluk intan.. with me last nite.. along with all the boxes for packing purpose.. actually we have planned to do some packing today.. but its almost 12 now.. and he is still soundly snorring sleeping.. let him be.. so that i can continue blogging and.. reading... sengihnampakgigi

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