Monday, November 10, 2008

my last special moment.. with SK Teluk Buloh

i juz got my application's approval.. :) .. my first application to follow bbbiiiieeeyyy has approved.. so.. here i am.. getting myself all suit up to be move to DUNGUN.. which is im not exactly ready.. ehhh?.. mcm mana tu? how am i gonna leave my current school.. all my colleagues.. my pupils.. my little rugrats.. my tons of task.. ehh.. task nih i kena siapkan before i leave.. duhhhh.. my PK dah remind me during his speech at our family day.. last weekend..

talking bout family day.. coincidentally the result of my application was anounced a day before our planned family day.. so it was kinda special to me.. and bbiieeyyy... for us to be in the occasion.. we had our games... our dinner which i had to give a speech (ad hoc siut) since the ocassion is also a.k.a. my goodbye party.. and nice cozy hotel room.. but terrible management.. ohhhhh.. dont know how to describe.. but very poor management..

bbieeeyyy and me may not win anything.. but being there with our friends and colleagues is so unforgetable... getting to know each other's family.. especially those who are new like mas and family, ani 's husband and baby, kamal.. eventhough we are leaving it was really amusing.. :) but life has to go on..

here are some pix..
bbieeeyy and me..

one of our closest friend..
fr left: fazli, aqish, linda

their other daughter, ain.. who was so moody..

a king size narita as my sayonara gift
(mcm perli jerrr)

senamrobik.. with only 4 participants..
instructor yang baju kaler orange tuh.. en anas..

kids having fun

now.. fathers having fun.. main bola? naahhh.. main pijak belon...

my bieeeyyy pun ade.. tapi first round dah kena eliminate.. :)

now, this is a couple's contest.. we didnt win though..
bola kiri bola kiri tak menjadi.. hehehhe..
tuh cikgu nasir tuh," di mana kah pojaan ati ku.."

orang2 tua main rebut kusi.. memang le buruk..
but it was fun though... hahhaha

bintang family day 2008



Baiti Mustafa said...

waah..ko dah nak pindah ke dungun ke?..makin jauh la pulak...

takpe..aku paham..aku pon mengahwini seorang guru..masa mula we all kawen dulu lagik la..nikah gantung sebab nak tunggu cuti sekolah kan nak buat majlis..

pehtu for 5 months..sorang dok KL..sorang dok Felda serting hilir..friday means happiness..and sunday dah mula sedih2 nak kena tinggal..

but absence makes the heart grow fonder, i kid u not!it makes u guys appreciate one another more.

Insya-Allah once dah duduk sesama satu tempat..naturally a baby will be on the way..kang dah mabuk preggy least sang hubby ada by ur side..Allah has the best plans for you, jangan risau..

mzmriza's life said...

=).. u r sooooo rite baiti... thanksss... it has been so long for me and hubby being apart.. tapi bila jumpa.. which is mostly during weekends.. we cherish the moment.. bila sakit ati pun pike dulu.. worth it ke nak majuk lama2 sgt... hopefully bila duk dekat things will be much more better..

alhamdulillah.. selain dari pojek mega 2008 aka LV.. been thinking bout really having a family too.. instead of tunggu aje kan.. bila dah together senang sket nak buat consultations... med check up ke.. before this takut cos sang hubby (pinjam vocab ko) rarely around.. so doa2 kan ek..ta

lynda_siebie said...

Hopefully SKTB will be in ur heart forever n not forget us yaaa....

eli said...

yippeee! so happy for you! bila pindahnya? am sure you'll be counting the days kan?

i SO understand how you feel..mcm kitorg jugak, 3 years living apart as weekend hubby-wifey, pastu tup2 finally dpt duduk skali..skrg bila z'di outstation, aduh rindunye bukan main! and suddenly i'm thinking, how did i ever get through not living together for THAT long?!

anyway, hope you'll both enjoy the bliss of living together and be content in knowing that ur hubby is just an arm reach away..i can suddenly hear the faint sound of the pitter patter of little feet on the way...hihihi.. =D

mzmriza's life said...

lynda- how could i forget teluk buloh.. which is already written on my sejarah perkhidmatan(EMIS).. hehhehe.. especially ko.. nanti aku buat blog entry juz pasal ko.. =)

ely- i really hope so.. cos i ve heard there are some couple who were the other way around.. after so long staying apart bila stay together, they finally see their partner's true colors.. and instead of being happy they couldnot stand eachother plak.. ohhhh.. GOD forbid plessss... hopefully aku mcm ko and baiti.. bout the little one.. teringin sgt.. one of my 2009's resolutions.. i already have my bb name list.. =) ada few names.. kot2 aku dpt twins.. ekekekekek.. insya ALLAH..

nhalilah said...

ermm.. ko dah nak pindah dungun.. akhirnya harapan ko jadik kenyataan.. its a part n parcel of life.. kdg2 tu jauh tak semestinya lupa.. iye dak??

Bila nak pindah?? tunggu cuti skolah ek?? since ko akan ove jauh.. jom ar jumpa2 sblm ko ke sana.. lagik jauh, lagik susah nak jumpa..

btw, hope will cherish the moment being together after this.. Allah Knows what best for us.. :)

mzmriza said...

ila.. :).. memang aku nak sgt buat reunion.. just the 4 of us.. tapi aku nih nama je dah cuti.. tapi tak bleh wat closing lagi.. keje2 bertimbun.. but promise u.. ill make sure we will see eachother again before aku ke dungun...

i maybe leave by the end of this month.. or maybe early dis.. tapi tak taula.. its just a plan.. but im leaving for sure.. :)ill reconfirm later kay..