Sunday, November 23, 2008

confession of a shopaholic on the silver screen!!!

ohhh yea... while i was looking for some pic of sophie's books.. which i have uploaded on my previous entry.. i found out that CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC has been set up into a screenplay... OMG!!!!... i guess im the last person on earth to know.. errrr.. as the fan.. so the movie will be released next year.. on valentine day... 14022009... admittedly.. i havent been hit as hard as becky did.. and im not going to watch the movie as an escapism to who i am.. but i juz enjoy becky's character as she is.. so here is the trailer... tepuktangan


Turn Core-Rawk said...

aku nak komen pun tak tahu ni..sebab luar pengetahun bidang...hihihi

mzmriza said...

ala.. tahun depan ko bawak gefren ko tgk citer nih.. mesti dia suka.. kalau gefren ko memang jenis pompuan yang suka beli2 baju.. beli2 kasut.. pendek kata yg suka sopping/window sopping.. sesuai sgt la..