Wednesday, August 18, 2010

early ramadhan gift

The biggest congregation for all Dungun teachers was held last week. If Im not mistaken if all of us showed up that day, there would be approximately 2500 teachers altogether. The whole lot of us..

The purpose was to meet the MB of Terengganu who has this ambitious desire to meet all teachers of Terengganu face to face, one by one. Impossible as it may sound, it was made possible as he came to district by district. Dungun was the last and with no other choice but held during Ramadhan. Apparently, his visits wasnt with empty hand but with a souvenir for every teacher. An 8GB pendrive for each teacher.

I, when heard about this for the first time was a bit reluctant only to meet and receive an 8 GB pendrive. Its not like it's first appearance. A 128MB pendrive only, was as expensive as $130-$150. Today, it is one of the most common IT tools that can be found almost anywhere with cheaper price and bigger memory size. Anyway, as an obedient government staff, I changed my mind and thought why not I gave it a shot. I might not be able to experience a big gathering like this anymore next time (sebenarnya kalau tak datang, kena buat surat tunjuk sebab).

It wasnt a disappointment at all. Each of us receive this petite pendrive.. beautifully crafted with swarovski crystals.. the ladies were the happiest I tell u.. who doesnt like the blink blink stuff? if possible from tudung till shoes.. most of us, teachers want to decorate them with beads and crystals.. blink blink kiasu I may say :)

The men's was slightly different from the ladies. Ours was a pendrive necklace but their's was a keychain and a bit bigger in size.

Im loving mine so much but Im not any meticulous type of person that I dread I might lost it someday so I exchanged it with my male pal for the keychain one as he wanted to give the necklace to his wife.

I think the MB of Terengganu and his clan did a good job. It was very thoughtful of him to get each of us such a pretty pendrive which is rare and hard to get anywhere. If its any kingston pendrive might as well we get it ourselves and not to hassle and waste our time, energy especially in finding the parking for the gathering that day. I tell you.. it was a mess.. people parked their car almost everywhere. It was the worst scenario ever. Luckily I decided to carpool with some friends but we waited for almost 20 minutes for someone who parked in front of us to move his car. Oh well.. once in a while..


apis585 said...

hmm...pendrive pendant..menarik!!!

cik jijah said...

haaaa.. pendant!! puas aku fikir the right word for it.. some times the words just dont come out rite.. kan?

.:nhalilah:. said...

wahhh.. kayo kerajaan tganu bagi pendant pendrive with batu 'berlian'.. hihi.. meh invite MB ganu dtg uitm.. untung2 org uitm boleh dapat yang sama gak... hoho..

.:nhalilah:. said...

oh.. uitm puncak alam ye.. bukan uitm dungun.. itu tak aci.. hikhik..

TK said... not get it yet..hehe
I told my friend you got that and how come teachers in KT still don get it? My friend said nanti dia sampailah sini. Dia g daerah lain dulu..
Last year igt tak dia bagi kurma and air zam zam for ramadhan. This year tak tau la dpt ke tidak.

cik jijah said...

ila.. tok sah perahhhsan ok.. hanya cikgu2 yg ngajo di ganung je dapat tau.. ahakks!

TK.. omaigod! i thought dungun was the last! thats what they said.. rupanya KT belum lagi.. I think he is saving the best for last.. hehhee.. by the way.. this year no distribution of air zamzam and kurma kan? i dont mind tho.. i still have a few from last year's in the freezer.. hehehe

duniajam said...

Cantik lak. Boleh kah kiranya hamba mengorder satu?... manalah tahu kot2 comel bila mana hamba yang menggunanya.... muahahaha....

cik jijah said...

alaaa doktotttt.. pendrive tuh MB bagi special for ganung's teachers lah.. kitorang pun tak tau mana dia beli tau.. but we know it was made in china :)

che'puan Idot said...

kelassss, mb pandai jaga hati warga negeri!!
aku nak migrate lah

Baiti Mustafa said...

jijah oiii...mana menghilang??!!

cik jijah said...

che idot.. jom.. mari mari.. tamai kije sini!! Oh well.. kita fikir baik aje lah kan.. malas nak campur aduk dgn politik..

baiti.. busy lorrrrrr... hehehe