Friday, March 13, 2009


something caught my eyes when i read the

listen and watch this.. she was only strumming an ukulele.. the rhythm was so simple, catchy.. and yet so fresh... and her voice.. her voice is so.. soothing..

do u still remember yuna?.. yes.. i am a very avid fan of her now.. this one might be one of my fav in my list of local talent too.. base on what i read.. i am not sure what her real name is.. but known as ZEE AVI.. or KOKOKAINA.. locally she is well known by the nickname KOKOKAINA.. and had been posting her masterpieces in the youtube.. after years of doing so.. an international label from the US (brushfire records) caught her talent and signed her under them.. and thats when she used the name ZEE AVI.. was born in miri, sarawak.. is now actively engaged in series of tour in the US.. and much better.. her album will be released on this coming may 09.. malaysia boleh!!!!

amazingly she is now has fans from all around the globe.. worldwide.. but.. there is some facts that worry me though.. they thought she is hawaiian.. hahahah.. its ok.. muka melayu.. tapi mana ada artis melayu kat sana.. malaysia is hardly known by US people.. kalau tau pun.. maybe because kita ada twin tower.. which sekarang dah kena beat dgn china.. and they recognize the indonesians more.. tak kisahhh la.. later.. they will know who she is.. there are plenty of time for that..

anyway.. here is another one that i managed to get from youtube.. first time listening to her.. she doesnt sound local at all.. but her looks is so malaysian.. but im not sure if she is a malay or not.. yang penting.. she is malaysian.. one brave malaysian who is so talented!!! with a very sultry and unique voice.. just like yuna.. i think im going to love her as well..

this is another song that she had well composed..

and she could really performed on stage.. well too..

i think she wrote beautiful songs.. i have no doubt that she will be a hit in the US.. standing next to norah jones and corrine bailey rae.. with all the rising of our own local talent.. i am proud to be malaysian .. indeed!!

*foot note : ukulele is an instrument that is so popular in the US and especially by the hawaiian who interpreted it as a small guitar-like (wikipedia) ... selalu kita dengar dalam cartoon classic.. if u noticed..

zee and her ukulele

psssttt.. ada org kata dia anak menteri.. betul ke?


chucky said...

aiseh...x kenal lagi..tggu album release baru tau ni...taim tu la melodi pon dtg

lynda_siebie said...

best2!!! aku lebih suka yuna..( x brape ingat nama)..gadis underground yg bertudung tuh!!! aku nak jadi cam dia tp sayang sore tadak!!! hehehehe

@t00neY r00neY® said...

main seruling same x?

elly said...

kurt, sejak ko introduce zee avi & yuna kat blog ko ni, aku pun dah start minat dah, esp. zee avi..can't wait for her album to come out..

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

kyky - album released kat us 19th may.. local tak tau lagik.. kalau minat gak dia.. layan je utube.. dowload dgn utube downloader..

lyn - yuna is special sbb dia bertudung.. masuk line indie plak.. memang lain dpd yg lain..

atun - seruling? mohram kenal? diorang pakai seruling.. si zee nih lum katam lagik seruling.. heheheh

elly - i just cant wait!!! aku download semua utube dia.. just for my daily dosage... well.. cd dia is on top of my list.. next to twilight ost.. hehhe.. rasa cam lambat gila cd zee ni kuar.. yuna plak.. baru kuar EP.. but still.. it is sooo good..