Sunday, January 23, 2011

I want to be free..

Im going to be 31.. soon. Let see.. my achievement so far. 

- rumah.. checked!
- kereta.. checked!
- family... checked!
- a career.. checked!

So.. am I happy.. absolutely!! I have a caring husband. We may not bless with any child just yet but we are happy. We are in our comfort zone. So far, us both still healthy with some minor tonsillitis once in a while but we are good but how good for how long Im not sure.. Im praying that God will always keep us under His protection but is it enough to just pray?

Akak dah lama dah fikir pasal nih.. Is it enough? to just deal with our daily life.. back and forth to work.. masak, kemas rumah.. Sekarang baru akak tersedar semua ini tak cukup.. tiba² je.. it hit me.. that I have to do something. What I have been doing all this while is just too comfy that I forgot life means more than this. I have yet working hard enough to achieve my dream. Akak juga sedar yang akak tak ada impian macam some people who really work their butt off to achieve their dream. How can I achieve my dream if I dont have one?  I have been putting it all to my husband. I did nothing. I just watched my husband working day and night while the savings are running low. 

Now.. I realized I do have a dream but I hesitated and ignored it at most of time. I let it passed without thinking harder. The thought just slipped in and out and thats it but not anymore. I want this badly. I want it so much. Im going to take the risk. Its risky. Its worth everything that I have but the higher the risk gets, the bigger the return is.. I just got to be brave. I just got to fight all the scepticism inside me.. and make sure that I can achieve this.. the ultimate.. FINANCIAL FREEDOM.. please pray for me.. that it is all possible.. this 2011 is just maybe the beginning.. insya Allah.. 


che'puan Idot said...

paragraph last tu...
ala-ala secret-secret gitu.
apakebenda nya?

.:nhalilah:. said...

aku ni pun tak pakai cc.. boleh dikatakan financial freedom tak?? soping ikut apa yg ada kat dompet..

cik jijah said...

CPI.. adalahhhh.. hikhik.. doa sama2 dgn i so that semua berjalan lancar.. once betul2 jadi.. i announce to the whole world.. hikhik..

ila.. bagus lah gitu.. CC ni penyakit.. tapi simpan lah satu kot ada emergency kan.. bukan sale emergency ye.. family emergency.. hikhik..

@tune® said...

mari kite bersyukur kehadrat Ilahi dgn ape yg kite ade kak....

apis585 said...

ni yang xsaba nak ketemuan ni nak dgr crita projek terhebat ni...;-)

cik jijah said...

atune... apa sekali pun kita wajib bersyukur.. tapi kita tak bleh terlalu berserah.. kita mesti berusaha untuk berubah ke arah yg lebih baik (mcm ostajah dah ni.. ehehhe)

apis.. stay tune will ya??? ngeeee..

cik jijah said...
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