Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lonjakan saujana

my school is nominated for the ANUGERAH LONJAKAN SAUJANA (ALS) under the ACADEMIC category. Apparently my school had been the best in UPSR for 4 consecutive years in its zone, the PKG Bukit Besi. Among the prizes that were offered is RM20K and some vacation for the school's members including the pupils. I am not sure though.. correct me if im wrong..

It is a good thing that the school being recognised for its achievement but nothing comes for free nowadays. All the staffs and pupils need to cooperate or should i say "menggembleng tenaga" in order to win it. Sure is a lot of job need to be done. Even today we had a meeting that ended at 3.00pm.. nasib baik ada jamuan nasi ayam yang sgt sedap..

Anyway.. the tasty nasi ayam is actually a hint for us that we should get our butts off for more delicious reward.. eventhough such of these feelings would be shouting in minds or maybe sometimes blurt out purposely or not through out the process... like..

- banyak keje la..
- penat..
- menyampah..
- hangin satu badan...
- benci..benci...benci..

and a lot more.. which i think i dont have to exaggerate more.. hehehe.. no choice then.. have to step on the clutch and hit the first gear.. been heard that the jemaah nazir will started to give us the visits beginning this APRIL.. sigh

Saturday, March 28, 2009

remembrance & reminder

Death begins when the heart stops beating. Deprived of oxygen, a cascade of cellular death commences, beginning with brain cells and ending with skin cells. Death is a process rather than an event. Specifying the moment of death usually involves deciding on a point from which there can be no return-

how does it feel when the soul being separate from the body when the moment of death comes? what were in the mind of those who face that moments? is it painful? or is it not? wallahualam..

all i know.. death is the only certain thing in life.. though.. none knows.. when will it happen.. when the time comes.. to each one of the livings.. one said.. we already have this agreement with ALLAH long before we were born.. the day will come when we have to fulfill it.. are we ready then?

on sunday.. march 22nd, 2009.. 5.00pm... my phone rang...

me : sayang...
abang : bang cik.... bang cik masuk icu.. bapak kata 50 -50..
me : astagfirullahalazim.. kenapa...
abang : suspect dengue.. nak balik ke?
me : i have a meeting tomorrow.. nak submit e-pantau...
abang : abg pun...
me : ok.. kita settle dulu hal kita.. mana yang dapat... dlm pukul 10 esok kita balik kl..
abang : ok..

on the same day.. 6.15pm.. the phone rang again..

abang : kita kena balik sekarang... bang cik nazak.. kritikal...
me : ok.. ill start packing..

we departed around 7.05pm-7.10pm.. we were on the way to my HM house because i needed to drop the school laptop before we left when at 7.30 pm.. abang's phone rang.. it was a call from ket.. abang's second brother... he was shaking to pick it up.. then i heard his voice saying..

abang : ket.... bang cik dah tak da ka?... innalillah...

we didnt hear a thing then.. just the sound of quran reciting from the nearby surau.. abang was devastated.. he stopped the car by the road side.. i drove then.. i had never seen him so fragile.. for that day he had lost his brother.. the one who we last met during dila's wedding.. ALLAH loves him more..

cause of death.. was not dengue.. but a massive pulmonary haemorrhage.. does it matter now? yes for the livings.. and.. may ALLAh bless his soul..

both pic's were taken last 2008 aidilfitri

allahyarham muhammad muzahir bin rosli@bang chick
10/11/1986 - 22 /3/2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

safe & sound

what a weekend!!! serious... it was exactly on sunday when i left for the highland of cameron.. and today i am already back to dungun.. the land of quiet and silence.. and the journey.. i would say was quite an interesting experience.. cos the route that we were taking were the first ever for us.. feeling a lil thrill and excited.. we hit the road.. around 8.30am.. sempat jugak singgah jerangau.. attending schoolmate's wedding reception..

we headed to the east of terengganu.. up to kuala berang.. from kuala berang we dropped in tasik kenyir for a short while.. thinking of having lunch there but all of sudden the rain was pouring heavily.. canceled lunch but still managed to snap few pics.. if it was not because of the rain.. the view would have been spectacular... heheheh.. the journey continued to gua musang.. through the felda aring route.. the road were scary.. the view was not interesting either.. but then.. what could u expect.. it was in between estates.. palm trees.. narrow road.. big trucks.. lucky us!! BJ truck does not exist in malaysia.

see that? yep.. a crack on my wind screen.. got it on the way to kuala berang.. praying that it wont get any bigger and scatter all over the sits and dashboard.. leceh tul..

we arrived at gua musang around 12 noon.. mr mzmriza said that gua musang has improved a lot than before... baguslah.. so from gua musang.. we reached the lojing route.. from there we climbed up straight to the highland.. all the way up.. we encountered 4 landslides.. though it was under reconstruction but i still feared for the worst.. aku memang camtuh.. MR MZMRIZA plak... control macho.. since he is an oldies freak.. he put on the cd.. melalak dengan selambanya.. and finally we arrived at tanah rata exactly at 4.30pm dengan jayanya... though not knowing the pasar malam dah mula, we beat the massive traffic jam successfully...

brinchang nite market.. sayur.. and more sayur.. my BIL got tricked into buying the jambu kristal.. still remember reading bout it at apis's blog.. that jambu kristal is actually a fake.. dearly expensive plak tu.. 2 biji for 10 bucks.. gilossss... and i did try on the fried mushroom.. mula2 memang sedap.. lama2 rasa cam muak plak..

accompanying my mother in law.. almaklumlah.. menantu mithali.. hehheheh.. macam sama saiz kan.. nope.. she is a lot smaller than me.. and yet still strong and kicking... rahsianya.. she takes EPO every day.. i ve tried too.. but i stopped 'cause it made me putting more on weight..

main activities apart from the night market and jalan2 kat tanah rata.. playing sahibba.. i won the first round but had to stop playing sbb kena masuk dapur.. heheheh..

us.. on the way to my BIL's gf house to merisik.. sempat lagik mocking our lil nephew who gave the peace sign in his own way.. using the thumb and fore finger instead of the usual peace sign..

pak ngah and his nephews.. hafizi and hakimi.. si kecik, hafizi showing off his peace lagik.. hehehhehe.. cute la dia nih..

mmmmm... strawberries with cream is so much better than the strawberries in chocolate.. yum yum...

rite after the merisik.. we started to pack for KL.. we thought since we couldnt make it to TK.. singgahlah kejap rumah mak.. on the way down.. we stopped by the bharat tea house.. teringin nak makan scones.. but sold out.. since ada wifi.. sempatla surfing.. and snap more pics..

on attempt of using the self-capture function on the camera... mr mzmriza was trying so hard to hide his belly.. and aku plak trying to get the best angle that could reduce one size of actual me.. heheheh.. and .. we reached kl that nite.. around 9.30pm.. extremely fatigued and exhausted.. fell asleep the minute we laid head on the pillow..

the next day.. we went to putajaya.. i was meeting baiti there.. so mr mzmriza dropped me by the wisma tani.. and he went for a quick tour and snapping pics around the places.. along with my lil brother who is a lot bigger than mr mzmriza.. and meanwhile, i had quite a long chat with my old buddy; baiti .. sempat gak snap pic dengan dia.. the last we took pic together was during MRSM.. that was like 10 years ago....

after putrajaya.. we were thinking to go to low yat.. and then we got lost somewhere in puchong.. guess who was driving? aku.. being so stubborn not to listen to the husband.. padan dgn muka.. sampai sesat2.. seb baik jumpa exit to federal hiway.. terus balik rumah.. hhehehhe..

ingatkan nak cancel the low yat trip.. and going straight back to dungun that nite.. but then mr mzmriza told me that he changed his mind nak balik dungun malam tu.. so we hit kl plak after maghrib just to go to low yat.. parked the car at sentul lrt station.. took the star lrt.. transit to monorel at the titiwangsa to jalan imbi.. ingat kan jauh la low yat tuh bila naik lrt.. rupanya dekat aje sbb ada shortcut.. selalunya we drove there and parked at the federal hotel..

anyway.. did u noticed the tudung?.. thats the ariani that baiti bought for me.. no wonder mahal.. it is so comfortable.. and tak panas langsung.. macam kena beli lagi ajek.. hahahha... baiti.. thanx for everything..

and today.. as early as 7.30am.. we went straight home to dungun.. now i am safe and sound on my sofa.. checked my email.. and received one from the ppd.. something has to be downloaded and also an instruction to assist the kerani on the new kew 8.. menyampah ok.. cuti sekolah pun mau kacau.. dah la pamphlet pidato diraja tak siap lagi.. exam papers pun lum habis tanda.. nak kena buat clerical job plak.. sabar ajelah.. mr mzmriza plak.. went out for karaoke with his friends.. boleh tak? boleh kan ajelah..

Friday, March 13, 2009


something caught my eyes when i read the

listen and watch this.. she was only strumming an ukulele.. the rhythm was so simple, catchy.. and yet so fresh... and her voice.. her voice is so.. soothing..

do u still remember yuna?.. yes.. i am a very avid fan of her now.. this one might be one of my fav in my list of local talent too.. base on what i read.. i am not sure what her real name is.. but known as ZEE AVI.. or KOKOKAINA.. locally she is well known by the nickname KOKOKAINA.. and had been posting her masterpieces in the youtube.. after years of doing so.. an international label from the US (brushfire records) caught her talent and signed her under them.. and thats when she used the name ZEE AVI.. was born in miri, sarawak.. is now actively engaged in series of tour in the US.. and much better.. her album will be released on this coming may 09.. malaysia boleh!!!!

amazingly she is now has fans from all around the globe.. worldwide.. but.. there is some facts that worry me though.. they thought she is hawaiian.. hahahah.. its ok.. muka melayu.. tapi mana ada artis melayu kat sana.. malaysia is hardly known by US people.. kalau tau pun.. maybe because kita ada twin tower.. which sekarang dah kena beat dgn china.. and they recognize the indonesians more.. tak kisahhh la.. later.. they will know who she is.. there are plenty of time for that..

anyway.. here is another one that i managed to get from youtube.. first time listening to her.. she doesnt sound local at all.. but her looks is so malaysian.. but im not sure if she is a malay or not.. yang penting.. she is malaysian.. one brave malaysian who is so talented!!! with a very sultry and unique voice.. just like yuna.. i think im going to love her as well..

this is another song that she had well composed..

and she could really performed on stage.. well too..

i think she wrote beautiful songs.. i have no doubt that she will be a hit in the US.. standing next to norah jones and corrine bailey rae.. with all the rising of our own local talent.. i am proud to be malaysian .. indeed!!

*foot note : ukulele is an instrument that is so popular in the US and especially by the hawaiian who interpreted it as a small guitar-like (wikipedia) ... selalu kita dengar dalam cartoon classic.. if u noticed..

zee and her ukulele

psssttt.. ada org kata dia anak menteri.. betul ke?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i am switzerland

duhhhh.. i wish i can have both.. i wish i dont have to decide.. but he makes me.. he said it is my call.... geram aku tau.. when i tried to bring it up again.. he said that he doesnt mind which.. he will be ok either one.. tapi aku yg kena decide.. apsal akuuuuuuuuuuu.. why cant he... i wish i was not that so in love with him that he makes me do this.. i am so weak to object his every words.. to have chosen the right one.. no.. not the right one.. just the one.. of two..

ape merepek daaaa...

heeee.. ada bunyi cam isabella swan tak? hehehhehehe... she said that she was switzerland when it came to edward and jacob.. emphasizing that she was neutral and she didnt have to choose between the two men she had always love.. ala those yg baca tau lah...

berangan lagi aku.. aku dah khatam all 4 books.. tapi tak tau la naper.. cam tak leh nak erase dah all the images.. jangan tak caya.. i already started my second round of the saga.. walhal.. ada lagi 3 buku citer aku tak baca lagi.. jeffrey archer's prisoner of birth, sophie k's the undomestic goddes... and kate harrison's secret shoppers revenge.. . i think i really am.. severely bitten by the twilight bug mcm baiti kata.. not bug.. the vampire itself.. and the venom dah spread all over me... heeeeeeeeee...

next week dah school holidays.. time passes by just like that.. baru bulan 3 dah tak terkejar aku.. among azam tahun baru nak be ahead of time.. to be able to catch the dateline before it does.. la dah terbalik.. but still aku kejar.. though semput2 sket.. my husband kept asking bila nak start gi gim.. i was like... esok la.. hari ni tak larat.. berapa kali "esok" ntah..

anyway the title above bukan saja2 aje.. memang aku tgh susah ati.. cuti sekolah yang buat aku susah ati.. apa daaa... its a break!!! i supposedly to be jumping in joy... mcm cikgu2 lain.. mmmm... though tak semua sbb i know ramai yang kena buat extra classes.. tuition.. owwwhhh.. as for me.. bukan itu.. i managed to escape it all... no school at all this holidays.. 100% are mine.. hahahhaha... kalau kat sekolah lama mesti aku tak leh buat.. but still aku kena siapkan monthly test analysis which has to be submitted 2 days after school reopen.. takpe.. kacang ajer... ada masalah lagi besar nih...

cuti.. ada 9 hari semuanya.. and within those days.. i have 4 things that i need to do.. no.. 5 actually... which..

1. cameron highland.. PIL nak merisik my BIL's gf
2. tanjung karang.. anta penantin who is my own sister
3. PTK.. aku tggl satu paper je lagi nak lepas...
4. bangi.. my tudung ariani.. alaaaaa baitiiiiii...
5. low yat.. ada org kirim printer..

among those 5.. the first 2 yang sgt merunsingkan aku.. the other 3... hmmm... jgn marah ekkk.. i think ill skip my PTK.. it was my fault jugak when i didnt appeal to change the pusat.. cos i thought i would have the chance to go back to perak and meeting all my friends who i miss so much.. takpela.. some other time.. kena penalti dgn tunjuk surat sbb je kan.. as long as gaji aku jalan takde hal..

bangi.. ingatkan nak gi jumpa my good old buddy.. baiti and her precious lil ones.. and most of all sbb nak amik tudung tuh.. instead of posto.. baik jumpa kan.. if only i consider to go to TK baru leh gi sana...

same goes to low yat.. setakat kirim printer.. but still... if only aku pick TK.. then only i can drop by there..

the problem is.. CH or TK? MR MZMRIZA senang aje.. he puts it all on me.. dia cakap dia tak kisah... macam dia lak yang jadi " switzerland" nya.. helllooooo...

CH or TK.. senang cakap.. my family ke his family?... alaaaaaaaaaaa... frankly i wish i could go to both places... serious.. i just love to got to CH.. janjinya awal cuti nih.. on 14th until 18th.. sambil menyelam minum air.. ada obligation tapi still bleh indulge.. and on the way balik leh singgah perak.. catching up with frens there.. bestttt..

TK pulak is suppose to be on the 21st.. aku rasa sebab aku kena ada.. since im the eldest kan.. sedih la.. kalau aku takde.. aku yg sedih.. takleh nak teman mak.. cuma tak larat.. dgn big belly dia tuh.. mana nak larat sangat.. tak besar sgt pun.. baru 6 months.. tapi dia cam letih2.. kesian la tgk dia...

see my point?.. CH masa awal cuti.. TK pulak masa hujung cuti.. aku takde masalah sbb aku memang cuti sekolah!!!!.. the real culprit is MR MZMRIZA lah.. he cant have the whole week being absent for work.. bengang nya... kalaulah dia cikgu.. kan senang.. supposedly I AM SWITZERLAND.. nih dah terbalik plak.. pening makkkk ehhhhh...

abang.. aku sayang kamu.. sayyyyyannggg banget.. how could u leave me with all this mess.. hmmmm... dia takde pon.. dia gi main badminton.. and aku.. still contemplating...

pic courtesy of

*side note: switzerland regarded as neutral because it never officially involved in any war though the country did help nazi(world war I) via their local banks but it was not proven to be true yet and up until today it never interfere in any sort of war- wikipedia

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

alls well that ends well

back to dungun... seems like forever.. walaupun 100% catering tapi penatnya terasa jugak.. dah jadi tuan rumah.. kena behave like one lah.. thanx to those yg wished happiness for my sister.. there was soemthing that my mom said that really touched me," dila nih mak harap bahagia lah hendaknya.. nak kenduri dia.. mcm2 dugaan.. mak demam.. abah kena cikugunya.. pengantin pun demam.. atuk plak mcm2 kerenah.. nak besarkan dia pun susah, dgn asma, abah pulak keje tak menentu ".. i wasnt there.. i was in boarding school... so i was barely around but i now how it felt.. alhamdulillah.. all went well.. mintak2 doa mak dimakbul tuhan..

so here are few snappies.. tak sempat nak snap pic sgtt.. sibuk layan tetamu.. anyway thanx pada kawan2 yang dtg.. ayg and atun.. sonok lah jumpa korang.. ayu and adan.. thanx.. really flattering sbb dtg jugak... brahim and family... thanx.. nana and hanif too... thanx dear..

dila & wari.. is now happilly married.. rejoice!!!

cuma, me, dila.. alhamdulillah.. all of us are married now.. dah lepas dah beban mak dgn abah..
did u notice?.. cuma is expecting.. she is 6 months old preggy..

the whole lot of tanjung karang's clan.. pure jawa ni tau.. untung dila.. boleh belajar masak pecal.. pecal MIL dila paling best aku pernah makan..

show offf!!! heh.. biasalah.. ini blog gua..

upacara potong pulut.. being inspired by mawi & ekin.. hahahahah!!!! nasib baik mawi pon org jawa.. aci la kan.. kot nak dijadikan tradisi baru.. heheheh!!!

nih was exactly after the matrimony.. aku pakai selipar giant nmpk tak?.. sandal en asben.. takleh nak bergaya sakan malam tuh.. hujan.. dila kata dia dah campak baju buruk atas bumbung.. tapi hujan gak.. kena baju baru kot baru awan tak tiris.. heheheheh...

while waiting for the tok imam.. nikah kat masjid.. abah yang nikahkan.. all three of us.. abah nikahkah.. nampak tak my mom? yg tudung oren tuh?.. tudung labuh tuh mom's twin.. we called her, ibu.. behind ibu.. kakak mak and ibu.. our beloved encik.. cikgu... garang.. mak cakap.. i inherited those bad tempered traits form her.. ye kot.. heheheh..

inilah pulut nya.. jangan tak caya .. aku yang buat tau.. deco ajer... mak and ibu yang kukus pulut dgn masak rendang tuh... deco tu aku tibai je.. janji elok..

org semua dah letih.. tak lalu nak makan ape2... tapi ijun dengan selambanya membelasah pulut dgn rendang tuh..

the reception... look at that happy face..

dila and mak.. ibu.. encik..

cheeky cousins.. and my husband.. mentang2 catering.. lepak aje korang ekk..

the beautiful angel.. may god bless u dear.. just remember that..

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly. ~Peter De Vries

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

fat & fabulous

dila and ijun

awwww... glamernya title entry kali ni.. this entry is specially dedicated to my sister.. DILA.. who is now about to be married in less then a week.. her path to this much awaited occasion in her life was rough.. she has been through a few bad relationships..

well.. in our family.. it was quite hard actually.. to find our true love.. among all the reason, we sort of having quite a massive inferiority complex.. as u know we were actually a XXXXXL size type of figure.. we always thought that we were not pretty enough and yet still dreaming that we could find the one.. so we tend to get hurt quite often.. but we never realized that our perfect other half were actually somewhere.. waiting to be found..

so this is, like any other woman out there, her only wish is finally will come true.. we forgot that.. to find the rite one.. was not easy.. but when it does.. when we finally found the one.. everything doesnt make sense anymore.. look and size wouldnt be a matter anymore.. it was all about the pursuit of happiness..

dila and wari..

dila on her engagement day

so.. the big day is schedule this weekend.. on the 7th.. it will be the matrimony event.. that is the most important event.. and the reception will be on the next day (8th march).. no sanding ceremony by the way... my sister is a bit shy to be seated on the pelamin.. i guess the inferiority complex is still an issue.. hmmm.. its ok.. maybe we are fat but she has no idea how fabulous we could be.. hahahahhha!!!! ini orang kata.. perasan tahap cipan!!!!

and to all of u readers.. u are all invited to this holy and sacred ceremony.. u will get to see the fat and fabulousity of my life.. at this address..

lot 2648, persiaran hamzah alang,
meru, klang.

(on side note * its somewhere on the way to kuala selangor, after shah alam. if u are from KL, PJ, damansara, puchong and other related area use the NKVE and take the setia alam exit.. go look for meru on the signboard)

to any readers yg tak kenal tapi nak makan free.. pun boleh jugak.. just behave ok.. anyway ade ke?.. what ever.. datang ajelah.. if u happen to lalu jalan tu kan.. tak yah hadiah pun takpe..